Safe, Safer, Safest: How to Choose the Safest Home Safe

When you buy a home safe, you don’t want a weak little box that will hold your items but not truly protect them. Rather, you want a safe that can offer you top notch protection from a range of threats, and those threats include not only burglary but also fire and flooding. Here are five questions to consider when you are trying to find the safest safe at a place like Askwith Company:

Preppers: Lock Down Your Security with These Essential Doomsday PreperationTips

If you are a prepper or anyone else concerned about emergency preparedness, you likely have home security on your mind on a regular basis. However, you cannot just approach locks and security like everyone else. Instead, you need to approach these issues with a prepper mentality – If you are preparing for a doomsday scenario, here are five essential tips to keep in mind regarding locks and home security: 1. Avoid electronic locks

When Car Locks Go Wrong: How To Get Back Into Your Car When Winter Bites

Australia is well known for its hot summers and deserts; Australians enjoy relaxing on the weekend while sitting beside the pool and working on a tan. What some people don’t realize is that in places like Victoria and Tasmania, winters can be brutal enough to bring snow and freezing temperatures. As a new resident to this area, you might find yourself in for a shock the first time you head out to your car when the rough part of winter strikes.