Why Are Your Car Keys Not Working?

Unless you have transitioned to a vehicle with keyless ignition, you likely are highly dependent on your car keys. So much so that you likely never picture them failing when you need them to work! If anything, the main thing that you could be worried about is misplacing your car keys rather than them not locking or unlocking your vehicle when you need them to. Yet, these keys are not invulnerable to malfunction. And if you are unaware of what could cause potential defects, this car emergency could be a frustrating experience that ends up disorganising your entire day. Fortunately, contacting an automotive locksmith will not only help resolve this issue for you as soon as possible but will also ensure minimal inconvenience to you. This piece outlines a couple of the potential reasons why your car keys are not working.

The car keys are worn down

One of the more common reasons why you may begin to experience issues with your car keys is progressive wear. This problem will not manifest overnight but instead, you will begin to notice that you have to jiggle the keys for a moment before they turn the lock. The wear usually stems from normal use so it is an issue that you will likely encounter down the road. However, you should note that rough handling when putting the keys into the ignition or turning them will accelerate the rate at which the teeth degrade or can even cause the key to bend, which increases the likelihood of it breaking while inside the ignition If you are having trouble turning on your car, you should inspect the key and take note of any signs of physical damage. An automotive locksmith can cut a new car key for you will be a perfect fit for your car.

The ignition cylinder is damaged

If your car key appears to be in good condition yet you still cannot turn your car on, the problem may lie with the ignition cylinder. What some motorists are unaware of is that their ignition chamber comprises a multitude of components such as batteries, switches, circuits and more. For your car to come to life, all these components need to be in functional order. If there is a yet undiagnosed underlying issue, you may face issues such as a loss of power inside the vehicle, problems with starting your car or your keys can even get stuck in the ignition. You should call an automotive locksmith so that they can determine if the ignition cylinder has indeed acquired some damage and they will fix the problem for you.

Other reasons why your car keys may not work include debris inside the automotive locking system, incorrect transponder code, unauthorised aftermarket replacement keys and so on.

For more information, contact an automotive locksmith.