Top Facts about Universal Garage Remote Controls as Replacements

After installing a garage door, setting up the opener, and programming the remote control, homeowners are always asked to keep the remote safe. That is why you will see remote controls on key chains or a car's glove compartment. However, mishaps happen and garage opener remote controls are not immune to damage or getting lost. Fortunately, if you lose or damage your garage remote you can easily replace it with the original manufacturer version or opt for universal remote control. However, before you go out of your way and buy a universal garage remote replacement, here are a few facts you should familiarise yourself with. Read on.

Only Accommodates a Range of Brands -- When most people see the term 'universal,' the first thing that comes to mind is that something is open to all. The same goes for universal garage remote control replacements. Most homeowners believe that the universal remote control they buy from a vendor will be compatible with their garage door opener. However, nothing could be further from the truth because even universal garage door remote controls are only compatible with a range of garage opener brands. Therefore, do not replace a lost or damaged remote control with any universal remote control you come across. You should first ensure the remote control is compatible with your garage opener brand, and this information is usually indicated on the packaging.  

Most Popular Replacement Option -- As mentioned earlier, homeowners have two options when it comes to replacing a lost or damaged garage remote control. While it is always a good idea to get a replacement from the manufacturer of the original, the process can be time-consuming. Furthermore, not everyone has easy access to manufacturers or suppliers of original garage door remote controls. It makes universal garage remote controls the most popular remote control replacements. Notably, a variety of vendors sell universal remote controls, and all it takes it to identify one that is programmable with your garage door opener.

No Need for Code Switches during Programming -- Whether you buy an original or universal replacement garage opener remote control, you must program it for functionality. If you programmed the original remote yourself, you might have noticed the coded switches on the opener and the remote. On original remote controls, the coded switches must match, or else the entire system will not be programmable. However, you do not have to worry about the issue with universal garage remote controls. Once you press the button you wish to program on the universal remote control, the device will automatically search over a wide range of codes until it finds the correct one so it does not matter if the code on the remote is different from the one on the opener.

for more information about garage remote replacement visit a local locksmith or garage door repair shop near you.