When to call your emergency locksmith

Most of our mobile phones contain saved numbers for people we might need to call in emergencies, from doctors or vets to friends and family. One number that's missing from many of our contacts lists is that of a 24-hour locksmith. Even though you might call an emergency locksmith only once, just knowing that you have a trusted professional to call in case of an emergency can help give you the peace of mind you need. Here are some of the circumstances your locksmith can provide. 


If you find yourself locked out of your home, a locksmith can simply open your lock and get you back inside. If you've left your key inside, the problem is resolved; if you were locked out because your key was lost or stolen, talk to your locksmith about replacing or rekeying your locks. 

Damaged keys or locks

Less common but even more frustrating than being locked out is having your lock malfunction or key break off. In this situation, your locksmith can not only help you get back inside but also repair your lock or cut you a replacement key. Even a minor problem like a loose doorknob can pose a threat to your home's security; your locksmith can perform routine security assessments and maintenance on all parts of your lock and door fittings. 

Automobile locks

Locksmiths don't only deal with residential and commercial locks; many also work with automotive locks, including electronic transponder keys. If you're locked out of your car, your emergency locksmith may be able to help you get back inside to retrieve a key. They may also be able to replace a lost or damaged key at a lower price than you would pay at an auto dealership. 

Safe opening services

A safe is a good way to keep documents and valuables secure -- as long as you can get into it. If you lose access to your combination or have a malfunctioning safe, trying to force the safe open is a waste of time. Instead, call your mobile locksmith, who can help you restore access and advise you on how to repair or replace it. 

In an emergency, it always helps to know who to call. Make sure that you have the number of a trusted locksmith in your phone and you'll be able to rest easy, secure in the knowledge that the problem will be dealt with by a trained professional. Reach out to emergency locksmiths near you to learn more about their services.