Forgotten the Combination to Your Safe? Call a Locksmith

Many Australian homeowners have a combination safe in the house somewhere these days. Not everyone has them for valuables. You might not have one because you have lots of gold bullion or precious diamonds in your home, for example. The fact is that safes are used to store precious personal items like jewellery as well as important documentation. For instance, most fireproof safes are used to hold passports, wills, property title deeds and even contracts so they won't be damaged.

Even if what you are keeping your homes combination safe is of little value to anyone other than yourself, it can be incredibly frustrating if you cannot access them. This sometimes occurs because the combination lock fails to work reliably. However, it is more often the case that people simply forget their combination and effectively lock themselves out. How can a locksmith help you in such circumstances? 

Enter the Right Combination

Firstly, it may be possible for your locksmith to work out the combination of your safe even if he or she does not know the code. Some domestic combination safes are much more easy to gain access to than you might realise. Therefore, simply calling in a professional to see if he or she can break in to it might resolve the problem for you within minutes. 

Use the Key Override System

If it is not possible to gain access to a safe without the working out the correct combination, then all is not lost. Many domestic combination safes also have a key override the system. Even if you do not have the key and solely rely on entering the combination for everyday use, a professional locksmith may be able to gain access via this additional option. By using special keys, it might be possible to open the safe and to subsequently reset the combination. 

Drilling Into the Safe

In situations where neither the combination lock can be overridden and any potential key access does not work out, a professional locksmith can still be of use. If all else fails, then it may be possible to drill through the lock in order to open the safe and gain access to its contents. Although this might render your safe useless afterwards, it will always be possible to replace it. This might be the final option, but it is better than never being able to open your safe up ever again.

For more information, reach out to a locksmith company such as Cambridge Locksmiths.