Look For These 3 Qualities In Your Locks

A door is only as good as its lock. With the many advances which have been made in the improvement of home access control systems, it can be challenging to pick the lock which will best work for you. However, it is possible to get the best access control system to suit your needs if you are keen enough. Here are some of the tips which can help you select the perfect locks to suit your security situation.

Ease of duplication

One of the biggest weaknesses that a lock can have is being easily duplicated. This mainly applies to locks which use a key. If a lock is easy to replicate, it means that anyone can have a look at it, master the key layout and create a copy. When getting spare and duplicate keys, make sure you only get the help of professional locksmiths in the same area. Additionally, avoid those locks which come with some master key system because a person with the master key can gain unauthorised access to your home.

Saw resistance

When the burglar cannot access the lock through keys, their next option usually is the use of forceful means such as a saw or another tool. The best locks in the market are those which come with anti-saw pins. The pins are created in such a manner that there are pins which spin freely inside the locks. When a burglar tries to break into the house, the pins make it difficult for them to saw through the lock. The pins spin back and forth each time a burglar attempts to drill or saw the lock.

Anti-bolt assembly protection

Another common way which burglars gain access into your home is through the use of lock picking devices. The best way to stop this from happening is buying a lock with an anti-bolt assembly protection. This type of lock usually has a collar-like feature between the cylinder and the bolt. The collar is created in a manner which deters anyone from using bolt assembly to unlock and access the house.

Those are the three most important safety features you can have on your lock. It is crucial to make sure that you buy genuine locks and parts from trusted brands and manufacturers. The best people to ask about the quality and durability of the locking systems available in the market are residential locksmiths. They will assist with the installation, safety tips and even replacement when you need it done.