Two Essential Features When Installing a Smart Lock on Self Storage

With homeowners steadily moving toward smart locks for their residences, it is not surprising that individuals will also be looking to secure their long-term self-storage units with these locks too. Intelligent locking systems offer a broad range of advantages with the most prominent being enhanced efficiency as well as being more challenging to break into, as they require technological interventions rather than brute force. Nonetheless, since there is a myriad of smart locks in the market, you may be confused as to what features to look out for when choosing one for your storage unit. This article expounds on two main features that should help you whittle down your choices.

Feature 1: Power consumption

The first feature that should be at the forefront of smart lock selection would be the battery power of the system. Since smart locks are tech devices, they do need a constant supply of power to ensure that they are functional. However, this does not mean that you have to keep charging the battery every other day. An easy way of deciding what smart lock would be best for you would be checking how the smart lock consumes the battery power coupled with the estimated battery life.

Some advanced locking systems would have battery saving features, which function to conserve energy when the lock has powered down. This feature would be critical for people that do not visit their storage unit on a regular basis, as they will not be at risk of finding their lock's battery dead.

Feature 2: Remote access

Another essential feature that you should have when choosing a smart lock is remote connectivity. This feature works to allow your smart devices to communicate directly with your smart lock. For instance, rather than having to key in your password physically on the smart lock, you can unlock the self-storage unit using your tablet your phone or even your laptop. The great thing about remote connectivity is that you have the freedom to grant access to your storage unit to someone you trust, without having to be present at the location physically.

Secondly, remote connectivity also eliminates inconvenient situations such as misplacing or forgetting your keys. Lastly, remote connectivity allows for you to be aware of your lock' condition at all times. If an intruder has tried to break into your storage unit, you will get an immediate notification, and you can take the necessary steps to prevent a security breach.