A Guide to Making the Right Glass Replacement Choices

Broken glass in your home or business is always a safety and security concern. If you have any broken glass in your windows or other areas of the premises, it is important to seek glass replacement services as soon as possible. In addition to the security hazard, broken glass can also fall off at any time and cause injuries to people nearby.

The choice between glass replacement and repair can be a tricky one to make. It will depend on the extent of damage incurred on the glass and the preferences of the owner.

Choosing between repair and replacement

When deciding between repairing or replacing the entire glass surface, look if the structure of the glass is stable. For example, when repairing a window, if it is still stable, then the specific damaged area can be simply repaired. However, if the damage leads to an unstable window, the entire glass should be replaced.

When seeking glass repair services, the technicians will typically inspect the glass surface and determine the extent of damage. If replacement is necessary, they will typically remove the glass from its pane and install a new glass in its place.

The glass replacement process

If it has been deemed necessary to replace the glass, the process will involve 3 key steps.

Separating the glass from the frame

In most cases, the glass is held in place by a frame of either plastic, metal or wood. The glass will have to be carefully detached from this frame without shattering and causing damage/cuts to people nearby.

Different materials are used to adhere the glass to the frame. If is held using clips, they can be carefully unclipped from the edges of the frame. If glue or another adhesive was used, it should be carefully melted and detached.

Preparing the new glass panel

Glass contractors will then measure the size of the glass frame that you need to replace. The new panel will be polished and smoothened in preparation for its new destination. The edges of the glass panel may need to be rounded to avoid sharp corners that can cause cuts.

Preparing the frame

Once the glass panel is ready, the frame needs to be prepared for installation. This involves removing dirt from the edges of the frame and applying a fresh adhesive material. The adhesive will ensure that the new glass panel remains firmly in place.

Glass replacement is important for homes and businesses. If you notice that any of your equipment or property contains damages glass, seek repair or replacement services as soon as possible.