Five Items That Can Help You Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

It can be annoying to lose your car keys a lot, but luckily, there are things that can help. The cheapest ideas are free to use, and that makes it easy for anyone to adopt at least some of the ideas on the list. However, if you have a bit of money, you may want to combine multiple items to help you keep track of your keys.

Bowl or Hook by the Door

This method is basically free to try. Set a bowl or a hang a hook right next to the door where you enter your house. Every time you enter the door, make a point of placing your car keys in that spot. Although you have to focus on setting this habit at first, eventually it will become like second nature, and you will almost assuredly reduce how often you lose your keys and how much time you spend searching for them.

Magnetic Metal Box

So that you don't ever have to deal with lost keys whilst you are out and about, consider investing in a magnetic metal box for your vehicle. These boxes can hold a spare set of keys, and you stick them to the underside of your car. You can buy boxes designed for this purpose, but you can also make your own magnetic keyholder.

Use a jar, attach a very heavy duty magnet to the lid, and adhere the lid to the underside of the car. Then, pop your keys in the jar, twist it on, and you're ready to go.

Tracking Devices

There are a number of small tracking devices you can buy that help you avoid losing your keys. Most devices have a sticky back so you can stick them to a keychain. Then, you program the tracking device to your smartphone or laptop. If you can't find the keys, you enable the tracking. Depending on how your system works, your cell phone may give you the GPS coordinates of your keys, or the tracker may start beeping and you find your keys by following the sound.


OnStar is a service that you can subscribe to with some new vehicles. If you have this service and you lock your keys in the car, you can contact OnStar, and the company's reps can unlock your car for you remotely. Unfortunately, this is not available in Australia yet, but GM plans to make OnStar available for new Holdens by 2020. You may want to keep that in mind if you're going to be in the market for a new car and you want a foolproof system.

Keyless Remote Entry

With keyless remote entry, you can unlock and lock your car with a key fob. That doesn't necessarily prevent you from losing your keys in your house or on the street, but it can help you avoid losing your keys by locking them in your car. You simply need to get in the habit of only locking the car with the fob. That way, you never lock the car unless you are standing outside of it and you push the buttons on the fob.

Even with the above items, accidents can happen, and if you accidentally lose your keys, a locksmith can help. These professionals can make a new set of keys for you or copy an existing key so you always have a back up. Of course, they can also unlock your vehicle and replace keyless remote entry systems as well.